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M. Getzlaff - Surface Magnetism

Springer Verlag (2010)
This volume reviews on selected aspects related to surface magnetism, a field of extraordinary interest during the last decade. The special emphasis is set to the correlation of structural, electronic and magnetic properties in rare earth metal systems and ferromagnetic transition metals. This is made possible by the combination of electron emission techniques (spin polarized photoelectron spectroscopy, magnetic dichroism in photoemission and spin polarized metastable deexcitation spectroscopy) and local probes with high lateral resolution down to the atomic scale (spin polarized scanning tunneling microscopy / spectroscopy).
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M. Getzlaff - Fundamentals of Magnetism

Springer Verlag (2008)
In the last decade a tremendous progress has taken place in understanding the basis of magnetism, especially in reduced dimensions.
In the first part, the fundamentals of magnetism are conveyed for atoms and bulk-like solid-state systems providing a basis for the understanding of new phenomena which exclusively occur in low-dimensional systems as the giant magneto resistance. This wide field is discussed in the second part and illustrated by copious examples.
This textbook is particularly suitable for graduate students in physical and materials sciences. It includes numerous examples, exercises, and references.
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M. Getzlaff, M. Morgenstern, R. Wiesendanger (Hrsg.) -
Proc. 2nd International Conference on Scanning Probe Spectroscopy

Springer-Verlag (2001)